grammatically incorrect.

by imani.

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    hello all! thank you to those that are taking the time to listen to these songs i worked very hard on. the sound quality is not great because this was recorded in a dorm room with nothing but a snowball mic and completed using garageband, but this is the work of a semester +. i've always written for others - and while the first three tracks were written for a class on decoloniality, these songs are the first ones i've really written for myself.
    thanks for your support. and if you don't support me - a lot of these songs were inspired by you.
    - imani.

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released June 5, 2016

literally every component: Imani Russell

thank you to Elias Krell for supporting me during our class and for encouraging me to dig a little deeper.

thank you to Jocelyn Hassel for letting me use your guitar and amp. you have no idea how thankful i am to you for giving me an important tool to finish "to whom it may concern".

i'm not gonna thank everyone who doesn't misgender me because that's just the right thing to do. but for those of you who do: frick you, you suck




imani. Brooklyn, New York


brooklyn. ny.

i have very little guitar playing skills but that won't stop me.

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Track Name: Magazine
you won't see me in no magazine
no cover
no story
no pronouns after my name
no headlines for me to claim

i'm closer to a shallow grave
than a lifetime of fame

you might see me walking down the street
call out
"hey baby"
"hey mami"
"how would you like
to get under my sheets?"

well you're getting under my skin
and you're tearing me apart
tendon by tendon
shard of bone by shard

i need to get away

but i ain't got the face
no i ain't got the face
or the body
or the white androgyny
or the skin
or the life without sin

i ain't no cover girl
i ain't no girl
Track Name: treat me like a lady
tw: blood mention

i'm as blue as blood before you cut me up
i'm tired of being fucked i want to be loved
i know i don't know much about performance
but i know this one is worse than most

i'm as red as blood that lies between my thighs
the place your daddy told you was paradise
if i sing this song for you
my truth
how would you reply?
a gentle touch turns rough to make a grave my size

don't treat me like a lady
all this song and dance and shaking hands is for safety
Track Name: to whom it may concern, although this might drive us apart
time is wasting away
keep your hands on the clock
beg it to stay
if only you knew
i’m reading the gospel of you
praying to find some truth

you can dig me a hole
six feet under some half-assed

give me hell
give me time
give me space
to make you mine

if i ask you for forgiveness
would you free me from this illness
if i came to you on my knees
would you give me hope
if i said love is blind
would this be reconciled
i’m reading the gospel of truth
praying to find some you

i am waiting
palms are laying
in silence

break me down
wake me up
hold me close
let me go
Track Name: All My Friends [They]
shakespeare once said it
wrote it down in a play
so how come my friends can't do the same?

maybe someday i'll regret it
ever opening my mouth
but i could keep it closed
and you'd still shut me out

and all i can do
is grin
and then
close my eyes
and count to ten

all my friends are saying "she is dumb"
all my friends are saying "look at what she's become"
all my friends are asking "what has she done?"
but who is she?

all of these halloween limbs
claim to be in with the times
but they're scarin' themselves by june and july

"where is her figure?"
"where is her smile?"
"what is she trying to hide?"
but this body is not yours
it's mine